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Optic Wave Laboratories is temporarily not accepting work.

Several factors have comtributed to this decision:

#1. We have had a number of critical hardware malfunctions this fall that have impacted our ability to service our customers.

#2 All of our machinery is in need of a good cleaning and maintainence cycle.

#3. Our lab is still short staffed. Even though our economy is "recovering" It seems that nobody ACTUALLY WANTS to work.

#4. Our machine shop business volume has grown exponentially and takes me away from the lab too much to properly service out customers with the attention they they deserve.

The plan.

Over the next few months we will be:

#1 Overhauling the lab environment with a good general cleaning, re-painting of the walls and floors.

#2 We will be building up new test computers for the test lab.

#3 Performing repairs on our coating chamber power supply.

#4 Hiring and training a lab worker.


We expect to resume operations on the Spring Equnox.
March 21st, 2014.

Thank you for your patience,

Cary Chleborad